Make a pledge to grow compassion in Bunbury

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Pledges are a way individuals and organisations can show support the Compassionate Bunbury Charter.

Having talked to lots of people we already know that while many feel Bunbury already is a big hearted city there is room for us to grow compassion even further.

So we are inviting everyone in Bunbury to make a pledge to undertake compassionate act(s) over the next 6 months in support of the Charter.

You can make a pledge as an individual, family, group of friends, workplace or community organisation.

We suggest you make it something practical and achievable. Use the Compassionate Bunbury Toolkit to get some ideas. It might be recommitting to something you are already doing or it might be something that builds your ability to support yourself or others. 

For example,

I will grow my personal network by joining the local community centre.

I will say yes when someone offers to help.

I will make time to support my elderly neighbour once a week.

I will have a conversation with my parents about Advance Care Planning.

I will continue to support my friend with mobilising her friends to support her while she is having chemotherapy.

We will check in on everyone in our street to see who needs a hand and who is available to give some help.

I will volunteer to become a Compassionate Connector or Caring Helper.

We will review our workplace policies to ensure they are supportive of employees who are caring, are unwell, dying or grieving.

We will offer an education session for our members so they can learn more about supporting people through illness, caring, death and grief.

We will provide space and opportunities to remember those who have died in our community.

We will publicly acknowledge compassionate acts on our social media pages using #GrowingCompassion & #BigHeartedBunbury

Another action from the Compassionate Bunbury Toolkit: You tell us!

Thank you for making a pledge.

New pledges which have been reviewed and accepted will be added to the website tally. We will use the email you have provided to contact you to find out how your pledge is progressing. Stories celebrating achievements will be shared with your permission.

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