Compassionate Bunbury Charter

With the support of the Department of Health, the South West Compassionate Communities Network partnered with the City of Bunbury to develop a Compassionate Bunbury Charter to facilitate  Compassionate Community discussions and actions in response to illness, death, dying and grief within the Bunbury region.

This Charter recognises local government, individuals, families, neighbourhoods, workplaces, schools, community, faith based, voluntary and other organisations and services can all play a part in talking about death, dying and illness and providing compassionate support throughout ill health, during death and in bereavement.

The Charter represents our best hope for Bunbury becoming a Compassionate Community and therefore a Compassionate City. It is accompanied by a Toolkit which outlines practical actions we can undertake individually and collectively.

We consulted widely over an eight month period. What people shared along the way, and a review of  what other Compassionate Communities around the world have done, has informed the development of the Charter and Toolkit.

Compassionate Bunbury Charter

Compassionate Bunbury Toolkit

In June, 2023 the City of Bunbury endorsed the Charter and offered to be the custodian, or holder of the Charter, on behalf of the community.

Individuals, families, groups, workplaces and community organisations can make a pledge to grow compassion in support of the Charter.

In 2024 the Mayor of the City of Bunbury introduced the Compassionate Bunbury Mayoral Award which will be an ongoing part of the City of Bunbury Community Awards.

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